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    Casinos with the Best Bars in the UK

    What to Look for in a Casino Bar

    When you want to spend some time away from the games table or slot machines the best casinos will offer an in-house bar for you to enjoy unless you learn how to play online slots and choose that option. But how do you know which bar is right for you? The short answer is do you want a bar environment that is intimate and classy or busy and full of life. The bars that appeal to the latter will usually be sports focused. Whereas the more intimate bars will be recognisable by their elegant decor and focus on drink variety.

    The Best Casino Bars

    • The Ritz Club, London

    This classy bar setting is like no other. They offer a level of sophistication and comfort to make anyone feel like a high roller. They have an elaborate decor that has to be seen to be believed. In between playing games and placing bets the bar is the ideal place to enjoy a fine, vast selection champagne. They also have a fantastically original menu of cocktails to enjoy.

    • Empire Casino, London

    This popular casino has two unique high quality bars on offer.

    The Carlsberg Sports Bar contains wall to wall screens so people can keep up to date on the live sports games and matches being played. Seats can be reserved so those who visit can be guaranteed they can watch a sporting event the way it was meant to watched, in “probably the best bar in the world.”

    The Empire Casino also contains the Icon Balcony Bar. Here players can enjoy the casino’s finest section of drinks available. The terrace overlooks the iconic Leicester Square, giving customers an experience they are sure not to forget in a hurry. The bar is host to many A-Listers during movie premieres, giving the establishment that extra touch of class.

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