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    Best Bars in the UK

    Which Part of Britain has the Best Bars?

    With so many great bars all across the UK it can be difficult to decide which towns and cities have the best ones. You could choose where to go based solely on the quality of the bars in the area. However it is always best to see what great tourist destinations are also on offer and choose the city that way.

    Anywhere in Britain will have at least one great pub or bar in the area. However, London, Dublin and Cardiff will have the most variety. This is because they are capitals and will therefore be a hub of variety, with something to suit anyone’s tastes.

    Everyone is different and it can be hard to know what to look for in a bar that is right for you. In the end when choosing where to go you to have take several factors into account.

    Factors that Determine Which British Bar is Best for You

    • The selection of drinks that are on offer. What drinks do you want the bar to specialise in? Some bars focus primarily on craft beers and ales. Whereas others will have a drinks menu that is more based on spirits and unique cocktails.
    • The quality of the service and how polite and friendly the staff are.
    • What special events are on. This can include pub quiz nights and board game evenings.
    • Whether or not the bar has a food menu. If it does not serve food then the bar may not appeal to every person’s needs. Some bars focus solely on drinks and it is important to be aware of this in order to avoid disappointment.
    • What special events are available for groups. This can include drinks tastings, course meals and the private hiring of special rooms for parties.

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