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    Tiny Rebel Cardiff

    About This Bar

    This funky, modern bar is located on Westgate Street. It is the ideal bar for those who want to enjoy great food and drink in a hipster environment.

    Reasons to Visit

    • One of the best aspects of Tiny Rebel is the fantastic collection of various craft beers and ciders
    • This is certainly a 21st century bar with an artistic vibe. The modern brick wall decor helps to give it a hipster atmosphere that is ideal for young revellers.
    • There are fun event nights for an enjoyable evening out with friends. Weekly board game nights are on of the highlights that should be taken advantage of.
    • For those who want to exercise their brain muscles then there are events for you too. Every month Tiny Rebel hosts a pub quiz. This is a great idea for a group who want a fun night out.
    • If you are a fan of the Tiny Rebel brand of beer then this bar is a must visit destination. They have all these beers on tap straight from the makers themselves.
    • As well as a great varied menu including chicken wings, pizzas and burgers there is are also many vegan options. There is something to appeal to everyone’s tastes.
    • If customers want to host a party or business meeting then Tiny Rebel is one of the best bars to go to. This is because their kitchen provides an extensive buffet menu along with rooms which can be hired out in advance.
    • If you enjoy your time at the bar and want a souvenir to remember it then you can buy merchandise from their shop. They sell branded clothing as well as their own bottles and cans of Tiny Rebel drinks. This way if you like one of their beverages then you can take one home afterwards.

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